About Tokyo Album
For over 60 years since 1947 to today, the various expressions and forms of Tokyo have been photographed and stored by staff members in charge of photography, as photos for metropolitan government records. Among this archive of photos, there are many valuable resources such as images of Tokyo from the past, including "Scenes of Tokyo During the Postwar Years of Recovery" and "Opening and Closing of Kachidoki Bridge," as well as "Tokyo As Seen From the Sky," which is an aerial photograph of the ever-transforming Tokyo.  In 2010, in order to prevent loss of records caused by deterioration and damage of film as well as to pass down the photos as resources that record the history of Tokyo and history of the city, the photos used for metropolitan government records were created into a digital archive.  Tokyo Album introduces some of the photos used for metropolitan government records as "Tokyo Web Photo Museum," and also conveys timely information about the metropolitan government and Tokyo through photos. Please feel free to take a look.
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