July 23, 1970
February 26, 2008
Remains of the Yodobashi Purification Plant (Shinjuku-ku)
Aerial photograph
The skyscraper that was first constructed on the remains of the Yodobashi Purification Plant was the Keio Plaza Hotel. The Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building was completed in 1991, and the area grew into a cluster of skyscrapers, making up the Shinjuku subcenter.

July 10, 1974
February 9, 2012
Museum of Maritime Science (Shinagawa-ku)
Aerial photography
The Museum of Maritime Science was completed in 1974. Today, the Rainbow Bridge can be seen in the background, and the museum adds color to the Daiba/Ome district.

October 8, 1979
May 30, 2011
Kasai Rinkai Park (Koto-ku)
Aerial photograph
Construction on Kasai Rinkai Park had just begun in 1979. The increased amount of greenery and narcissuses blooming in the spring serve as a therapeutic outlet for the people who visit this park.

February 27, 1981
March 17, 2010
Area around Yurakucho (Chiyoda-ku)
Aerial photograph
In the location of Yurakucho Mullion, there used to stand the Nichigeki Theater and Asahi Shimbun. Today, the boat-shaped Tokyo International Forum stands in the location of the remains of the old Metropolitan Government Building.

March 3, 1982
February 9, 2012
Shiodome (Minato-ku)
Aerial photograph
Skyscrapers were built on the remains of the Shiodome Cargo Station (formerly Shinbashi Railroad Depot), hiding most of the Hamarikyu Gardens. The Rainbow Bridge also became an addition to the scenery in the background.

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