Ogasawara Islands
Here are some photos of Ogasawara Islands registered as UNESCO World Heritage Site in October 2011.
Minamijima Island
From the hill of Minamijima Island

Chihiroiwa(Heart Rock)

Minamijima Island Ogiike Pond

View of Chichijima Island from Minamijima Island.
Chichijima Islands : Futami Port
From the liner ship Ogasawara-maru

View of Futami Port from the liner ship Ogasawara-maru.

Ogasawaramaru and Hahajimamaru

View of Futami Port from Mt.Asahiyama's hillside

Sunset of Futami Port from Mt.Asahiyama

Townscape near the port

Omura Beach

Omura Beach
Chichijima Island : Nagasaki Observatory
View of Sunrise from Nagasaki Observatory


Chichijima Island : Plants and Creatures
Murasakiokayadokari (Natural Monument)

Immature Murasakiokayadokari (Natural Monument)

Small Fishes on the Shore

A kind of a snail


Terihahamabo (A Endemic Specie)

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